There’s no doubt that a wrought iron fence can add value to your home. Depending on the design and placement, it can create a touch of elegance, enhance rustic appeal, and significantly increase the curb appeal of your house. Providing it’s well taken care of, a wrought iron fence can last for decades.

But as strong as an iron fence is, it’s not indestructible. The last thing you need is to deal with a repair, especially if the cause of the damage was something that could have been avoided in the first place. Sometimes things happen that simply cannot be avoided, but the best way to deal with potential damage is to be aware of the factors that can cause damage in the first place. Read on, and we’ll examine a few possible reasons that your wrought iron fence can sustain damage.

  • Iron is extremely strong, but Mother Nature is stronger. During severe weather events, serious damage can befall your fence. Heavy snow, rain, and high winds can gradually loosen the fence posts and eventually compromise the structural integrity. Plus, according to a 2005 study, it was determined that a magnitude 6 earthquake or higher has a 90% possibility of striking the New Madrid, Missouri area in the next 50 years. A seismic event like this would affect the Chicago area, and shifting ground could cause fence damage.
  • It’s more likely that, rather than some apocalyptic natural disaster, your fence will become damaged due to plain old dumb luck. Children are absolute professionals when it comes to accidentally damaging things, and if they climb up the fence, they just might pull on a section which can cause it to bend or break entirely. Adults are no better since they have a track record of accidentally backing into fences. To prevent avoidable problems, keep an eye on kids, and keep an eye on your surroundings when you’re driving in a fenced-in area.
  • Some people think, incorrectly, that once an iron fence is installed, they no longer have to do anything and the fence will just last forever. That’s not the case, and if rust and dirt are allowed to build up over time, the fence can eventually weaken in some spots and break down. To prevent this, occasionally wash your fence with a mild detergent. Use mineral oil to clean off latches and hinges. If you see scratches, they can be buffed off using steel wool, then repainted with rust-resistant paints. Doing all this won’t just prevent buildup of gunk, it will keep your fence looking great.
  • An iron fence is designed to be a decorative and long-lasting barrier, but it’s not designed to be a load-bearing structure. If heavy objects are hung from the fence or leaned against the fence at the wrong angle, the weight can create problems. It can cause the posts to bend, or even cause a collapse if the area sustaining the weight has become weakened over time.

If you spot a problem with your wrought iron fence, don’t just ignore it. Contact the friendly professionals at Americana with questions, concerns, or to schedule service.