1. Tips For A Solid Home Fire Safety Plan-Part 2

    Your home is supposed to be a safe place. To make it safe, you take certain common sense precautions. Before bed, you lock up the doors and windows. The garage door isn’t left open overnight. When you go on vacation, you make sure the mail doesn’t pile up and create a telltale sign for burglars. But when it comes to staying safe in the event of a fire, you need to do better than a fire escape.…Read More

  2. Tips For A Solid Home Fire Safety Plan

    At Americana, a big part of our business is safety. We’re proud to install and service fire escape stairs for both home and offices. But the problem is, some people have a fire escape installed, then they think that’s the end of it. It isn’t, because when a fire hits, it can create an environment that’s terrifying and disorienting. Within 30 seconds, a small flame can become a serious fire…Read More

  3. Tips For Effective Fire Escape Planning

    According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 1,240,000 fires were reported in 2013. Of those fires, 3,240 people died, 15,925 people sustained injuries, and damages occurred valued at $11.5 billion. That’s a lot of homes and businesses that require repairs, a lot of recovery, and a lot of lives lost. At Americana Fence, installing and repairing fire escape stairs is one of our specialties. That’…Read More