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About Highland Park

Highland Park is a suburb located to the north of Chicago in Lake County, Illinois. It is part of the North Shore region and is known for its affluent residential neighborhoods, lakefront access, excellent schools, and cultural amenities. Here are some key features and aspects of Highland Park:

Residential Character

Highland Park is primarily a residential community with a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, estates, and condominiums. The village is known for its upscale residences and well-manicured neighborhoods.

Lakefront Access

The eastern border of Highland Park is along the shores of Lake Michigan, providing residents with access to lakefront parks, beaches, and walking trails. The lakefront area offers stunning views and recreational opportunities.

Ravinia Festival

Highland Park is home to the Ravinia Festival, one of the oldest outdoor music festivals in the United States. Ravinia features an outdoor venue that hosts classical music concerts, jazz performances, and other cultural events during the summer season.

Educational Institutions

Highland Park is served by highly-regarded public and private schools. Highland Park High School is known for its academic excellence and strong extracurricular programs.

Cultural Amenities

The village has cultural amenities, including the Highland Park Art Center and the Highland Park Historical Society. The community values and supports the arts, with various galleries, performances, and cultural events.


Highland Park is accessible by car, with nearby highways providing convenient access to Chicago and surrounding areas. The Metra Union Pacific North Line offers commuter rail service to downtown Chicago.

Parks and Open Spaces

Highland Park has several parks and open spaces, including the Heller Nature Center and the Rosewood Beach. These areas provide residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and nature appreciation.

Botanic Gardens

The Chicago Botanic Garden, located adjacent to Highland Park, is a world-renowned botanical garden with extensive collections of plants, landscaped gardens, and educational programs.

Downtown Highland Park

The downtown area features a mix of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. It serves as a local hub for shopping, dining, and community events.

Community Engagement

Highland Park has an active and engaged community, with residents participating in local organizations, events, and philanthropic activities. The village values its sense of community and quality of life.

Highland Park is known for its picturesque landscapes, cultural richness, and strong sense of community. It offers a suburban lifestyle with access to Lake Michigan, cultural amenities, and convenient transportation options.

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