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Fire Escape Violations


As you can imagine, a fire escape is one of the most critical pieces of structure on a building. Obviously the goal is to never have to use it, but in the event of an unlikely emergency, you want to make sure that you or anyone else using the fire escape is safe.

If in fact you get to a place where you find your self in violation of the fire escape code, we will work closely with you and the city officials to get everything up to code before your hearing date. Our goal is to get you up to date, safe, and all without any court fines.

Being a resident of Chicago, you are subject to any of fines and penalties accrued from not being up to code. Not only that, but you could be liable for any injury that takes place on or because of a fire escape system that isn’t up to the proper code.

Here are some of the major codes that the city put in place to keep everyone safe:

-There needs to be a fire escape structural integrity check done every 5 years

-A fire escape needs repainted every three years

-Avoid any rusting or corrosion on the fire escape

-Obstruction of the fire escape entrance, exit, or any other important area needs to be avoided at all times.

-The counter balance must sit level on the ground (be balanced) and be operational.

*Any violations you have may carry a fine of up to $1,000 per day, per violation, for each day that a violation exists, starting from the notice to the summons.

*This is not an exhaustive list of City of Chicago codes, but these are just the most major. You can rest assured that it is our job to help ensure that your fire escape is up to code and that you never get to a point where you are unsafe or in violation of city codes.