Code Violations

At Americana Iron Works & Fence, we believe everyone deserves to live, work, and visit spaces that inspire a sense of well-being and community pride. That's why we partner with Chicago residents and businesses to enhance the visual appeal and safety of their properties, ensuring compliance with the city's Property Maintenance Code.

The Property Maintenance Code establishes clear guidelines for property upkeep, contributing significantly to a neighborhood's overall value. Well-maintained properties not only attract investors and buyers, but also demonstrate a commitment to creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for all. Our role is to support residents and businesses in upholding these standards.

The Code: Maintaining a Safe City

The Property Maintenance Code outlines essential requirements for property upkeep. This includes ensuring properties are clean, sanitary, and structurally sound. Property owners hold the responsibility for maintaining their buildings according to these regulations.

When city inspectors identify code violations, or verified complaints are filed, property owners receive a Notice of Ordinance Violation with a deadline for correction. Failure to address the violation within this timeframe may result in court appeals or fines.

Navigating Code Violations: We're Here to Help

Code violations can be complex. Minor repairs that don't impact health or safety might not require immediate rectification, especially during renovations. However, serious violations that endanger public health or safety necessitate immediate attention. The city will mandate corrective action in such instances.

Outdated building codes, combined with unauthorized or improperly executed installations, are some of the most common sources of code violations. At Americana Iron Works & Fence, encountering these issues is a regular part of our service. We consistently notify property owners of any violations discovered and offer recommendations for achieving compliance.

Partner with Americana Iron Works & Fence, and let's work together to build a stronger Chicago – one well-maintained property at a time!

Our Code Violation Service Include: