1. Tips For Maintaining Your Iron Fence

    You’ve scheduled the time. You’ve spent the money. You’ve made the investment, and now you’re the proud owner of a wrought-iron fence. The fact is, it will increase the curb appeal of your home and give your property a sense of elegance and timelessness that it was previously lacking. Simply put, it looks great. But how are you going to keep it looking that way? The fact is, while iron is …Read More

  2. How Did My Iron Fence Get Damaged?

    There’s no doubt that a wrought iron fence can add value to your home. Depending on the design and placement, it can create a touch of elegance, enhance rustic appeal, and significantly increase the curb appeal of your house. Providing it’s well taken care of, a wrought iron fence can last for decades. But as strong as an iron fence is, it’s not indestructible. The last thing you need is to …Read More