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Fire Escape Installation & Repair



If your fire escape is old, was damaged by a storm, or another incident occurred causing any issues, it’s important to call right away. Noticing any broken railings, roughed up tread, or unstable portions in the structure, is all you need to indicate a potential problem and safety hazard. We repair stairs, railings, ladders, as well as the fire escape as a whole. If issues are left unattended, it’s provides the opportunity for them to get worse, costing you more money. In a worse case scenario, problems left can cost lives in the event of an emergency.

If proper measures are taken, the fire escape on a building can, and should, last as long as the building itself. Additionally, certain malfunctions in a fire escape can be a violation of code for the Fire Department or City of Chicago Dept. of Buildings. As a fully bonded, licensed, and insured company, you can trust us to have your fire escape maintained and within all codes necessary. Don’t waste any time when you know there’s an issue, call Americana Fence right away! We provide free inspections and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We ensure you that our repairs will always be done quickly, correctly, and safely!

Because we abide by all regulations of the City of Chicago Dept. of Building, we actively maintain fire escapes including all paint and minor fixes necessary. To help protect residents or those working in the building during an emergency, make sure you have all bases covered. If there is a fault found in a fire escape, it could result in an injury or death. This can reflect on the owners of the establishment and in turn, holds them responsible for negligence in repairs. Call Americana Fence today and have an inspection done to ensure you are within regulations and protect all those who may be effected by an emergency.

We always provide free inspection and estimate appointments!